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Women of Wisdom 2017


WOW Members: L to R, back row: Mary McKinnon, Joyce Hawes, Mary Beth Hamilton, Liz Markowski, Martha Redpath, Patty Paul, Lynn Donnelly, Meg Brash, Jeannie Pelsue. front row: Lizbeth Ryan, Julie Basol, President.

Women of Wisdom (WOW) was formed in 2007 by a group of civic-minded women intent on giving back to their community. They pooled their resources and set out to make a difference in the towns in which they live. In order to fund this giving circle that uses its resources to empower women and children in need, they put their heads together and launched Sweet Charity, a resale shop located on Main Street in Vergennes, Vermont.

Fast forward ten years, the group is now primarily funded through the ever-evolving, highly popular 501(c)3 non-profit shop. Sweet Charity continually provides a revenue source for funding local philanthropic projects chosen by Women of Wisdom and for the work offered by Hospice Volunteer Services of Addison County, who helped fund the creation of the store. 

Sweet Charity sells primarily household items donated by the community and in turn, Women of Wisdom keeps the awards in the 5-town community. In addition, WOWSER funding, another arm of WOW, responds to emergency situations that occur within the community and, at time, beyond our borders.

WOW also organizes periodic lectures called Caring Globally. These  programs are given by women of the community who have given their time and effort to people in need outside the United States.  Women of Wisdom invite you to our next presentation and to learn about past lectures. For more information, call us at Sweet Charity: 802 877 6200.

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WOW 2012 Retreat

February 2012 Women of Wisdom meeting, with special guest, The Honorable Madeleine Kunin.