Women of Wisdom Supporting Emergency Resources ~ WOWSERs

On a regular basis, there are many urgent needs for funding in our communities. Because the Women of Wisdom’s normal funding is distributed quarterly,  a separate entity was created called WOWSERs to address causes and situations that are more immediate in nature. These needs vary from helping the local food shelf  – to helping with car repair – to buying dentures, and more. The breadth of funding recipients may be within our five-town area or may reach beyond our physical boundaries.
We invite you to donate to WOWSERs: Women of Wisdom Supporting Emergency Services. Your donation to this arm of WOW as a charitable contribution will allow us to meet the urgent needs of our community that cannot wait for quarterly funding.
With your annual donation, you will receive our Women of Wisdom’s e-newsletter (if we have your email address) informing you of the many projects that have been funded by WOW as well as any upcoming events. You will have invitations to our “Caring Globally” lecture series. Most importantly, you will be part of this circle of giving where the value of “paying it forward” is working in our towns.
Please join us in a dream that is coming true and help reshape the future of the people in our community who just need a hand, not a handout. Thank you!
Make your tax deductible donation to:
 (Women of Wisdom Supporting Emergency Resources)
c/o  Sweet Charity
Ryan Block
141 A Main St
Vergennes, VT 05491